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DDC Credit specializes in automobile financing for everyone. Online, by phone or in one of its dealerships, DDC Crédit offers the best car loan in Quebec. With us, it’s simple, quick and efficient, whether your credit file is good or poor. Taking advantage of the strength of its group of five renowned dealerships, DDC Crédit offers a huge choice of high-quality new or used vehicles that suit all needs.

Groupe Côté, un leader dans le secteur automobile
Here’s why we can offer the best car loan in Quebec!
Le meilleur prêt automobile

Our revolutionary use of Artificial Intelligence in securing loans sets us apart from other dealers, allowing for a quicker and more secure transaction. Additionally, your credit will not be as negatively impacted compared to those dealers who still rely on manual processing.

Experience a stress-free car buying process with us. Our team of skilled credit analysts eliminate the need for pushy salesmen by pitting multiple financial institutions against each other in real-time to secure the best possible car loan for you.

Prêt Auto Partez — Prêt Auto Express — Rive-Nord Chrysler — Concept Kia — Ville-Marie Kia — are the 5 dealers grouped under the DDC Crédit banner to offer you the best financing service in Quebec. We offer you a car loan with immediate response, as well as a fleet of varied and high quality new and used vehicles.
Let our Credit Analysts work for you

The credit analyst evaluates auto loan applications and determines their eligibility and conditions. It’s their profession, that’s all they do. Regardless of the state of your credit file, with their help, you’ll get an auto loan based on an analysis of your financial situation and an immediate response. The analyst is your ally and a valuable advisor.

DDC Credit’s analyst is your best ally. They will prepare your loan application and communicate with financial institutions that match your borrower profile, whether it’s for regular credit or specialized credit. Indeed, not all institutions offer second or third chances for credit. Moreover, interest rates vary from one institution to another, and there’s strong competition among them. A well-presented file can lead to very quick, sometimes within minutes, positive responses.

Using the services of a credit analyst, whose profession it is, rather than a car salesman, is advantageous! It’s the most effective way to secure financing despite a challenging credit history or for young drivers with no credit history at all. Your auto loan application will highlight your good borrowing profile and will secure the best offer on the market by pitting multiple lenders against each other.

Lastly, since the analyst will have carefully analyzed your finances, they are well-positioned to provide you with sound advice to help you rebuild your credit.

After obtaining approval for your auto loan and discovering the amount of the loan granted to you, you will have peace of mind. You will only have to choose the vehicle that fits your budget, your needs, and your preferences. Not being told ‘no, you don’t qualify for credit’ is very comforting!

The profession of credit analyst requires certain essential qualities. You must have advanced knowledge in areas such as economics, jurisdiction, taxation, and accounting. You must also understand how banking institutions operate. Additionally, proficiency in computer and office software is necessary to optimize the management of all files.

Beyond the more technical aspects, the credit analyst has the responsibility to make objective decisions based on rigorous examination of borrowers’ files. But above all, they must be attentive and responsive to the needs of those who trust them. Their reputation must be impeccable.

Nos Analystes de crédit travaillent pour vous
A group of dealers at your service

We believe in the strength of unity and leverage it to provide you with excellent financing options and a wide selection of new or nearly new high-quality vehicles.

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DDC Crédit is a unique financing portal that brings together the 5 dealerships of the Côté Group: Prêt Auto Partez, Prêt Auto Express, Rive-Nord Chrysler, Concept Kia, and Ville-Marie Kia.
Our clientele benefits from exclusive financing services within the DDC Credit network, immediate approvals, and an extensive inventory of new and used vehicles.

Applying for auto finance is simple. You just need to fill out the online form. For those with challenging credit histories, a credit

As soon as your credit application is approved, one of the 5 dealerships within the group, according to your choice of vehicle, takes care of its delivery and offers you comprehensive after-sales service.

You can call us directly or at one of our dealerships. The contact information is located at the bottom of the page. You can also reach us via email and SMS, or visit one of our dealerships