Average Used Car Loan Interest Rates

Updated in April, 2024

Prime loans

Used Vehicles
7.26% and more
  • + 1.3% from last month

Subprime loans

Used Vehicles
10.99 % and more
  • + 1% from the last month

Deep Subprime loans

Used Vehicles
14.99% and more
  • Stable in the last month

current used car loan interest rates

Used car loan rates currently start at 7.26%. (subject to variation on year, mileage and term)

Our credit analysts’ role is to secure the most favorable interest rate for you while customizing the payment terms to fit your budget.

Accès Crédit - Institution financière

Acces Credit

starting at 15.90%

industrielle alliance - Institution financière

Industrial Alliance

starting at 10.99%

Auto Capital Canada - Institution financière

Auto Capital Canada

starting at 11.49%

Santander - Institution financière


starting at 8.79%

Iceberg Finance - Institution financière

Iceberg Finance

starting at 14.99%

Scotiabank - Institution financière

Avantage Scotia

starting at 12.75%

CIBC - Institution financière


starting at 7.26%

Lendcare - Institution financière


à partir de 11.90%

Desjardins - Institution financière


starting at 7.49%

Banque TD - Institution financière

TD Bank

starting at 7.99%

Eden Park - Institution financière

Eden Park

starting at 10.99%


Financial institutions set interest rates.


We put them in competition and negotiate the best deal for you.


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